Social Builder is a social startup (non-profit) bettering gender diversity in the digital economy. Our team is based in Paris and Lyon and offers training programs and individual support for women, professional networks and companies. We are also an action and reflexion lab, combining different ranges of expertise in gender diversity and the digital economy. Thanks to this task force, we build innovative and efficient programs. Social Builder is a laureate of the “Grande École du Numérique” (a government network for training programs and schools) and “La France S’Engage” (a national foundation promoting non-profits in the social and solidarity economy), allowing new exciting projects to be scaled nationally.

Our mission

Our vision and our missions come from several assessments. The digital sector is thriving in France with 36 000 jobs created per year. Women represent only 27% of employees in this sector and only 10% of startups have a female founder. Despite this growth, companies in this sector have difficulties finding the human resources they need. Our conclusion is quite simple: the tech industry needs women, and women need to be better represented in those trades. We help and promote women to bring their talents in this key industry.

Social Builder is always looking for better ways to develop a fair and inclusive digital economy, enabling everyone to pave their way and use their talent. We do this by:

–  developing training programs for women

– training and bringing awareness focusing on diversity and gender equality in organizations and professional networks

– actively promoting the the tech ecosystem and its job opportunities to women in order to inspire them and help them see that they too could succeed in this environment

Our training programs

Our training programs are free of charge for women. We have three programs available for women’s careers in the tech industry. Organized in the course of 4 months they include both Hard Skills and Soft Skills training :

– a main training module on a specific study topic (data, digital business development, CRM)

– technical workshops

– collective coaching sessions, focusing on career building

– a leadership skills seminar

– professional individual mentorship

Our exciting year 2018

We have a lot of new projects starting in 2018:

– a program for schools and training programs to accelerate inclusion and diversity

– a Chatbot designed  to help women know more about the digital economy and inspire them to join this trade

– new training programs for women seeking jobs or seeking to switch careers and work in the digital economy


If you want to learn more about us and our projects, you can send us an email: nous@socialbuilder.org

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